January 23, 2009

Illustrator CS4 for the Web now available at Lynda.com

...And the hits just keep on coming...

Today, Lynda.com released my latest video training title: Illustrator CS4 for the Web. I'm particularly excited about this title because in the past, I've done separate web titles for using Illustrator and Flash together as well as using Illustrator to create pixel-based web content. In this new title, I've decided to cover ALL web topics together. So the video covers using Illustrator as it is used for general web content.

If you're already a Lynda.com subscriber, you can view the video title here. If you aren't a subscriber, you can get a free 7-day trial by clicking here.


japchap said...

Mordy, hello - I've purchased and gone through your entire Illustrator CS3 for Web training CD, and enjoyed it. What I'm wondering is, are there any big differences between CS3 and CS4 in the web area? I just splurged on CS3 Web Premium about a year ago, of course before CS4 was released, but I'm wondering if there have been any major improvements to the application and to your training CD with the CS4 version.

Mordy Golding said...

I took a different approach to the web training in CS4. I basically combined by Illustrator for the Web and Illustrator and Flash integration titles into one, so the new CS4 web title covers both pixel-based and vector-based web workflows.

In addition, I presented some new ideas to how to be more efficient, including taking advantage of multiple pages as well as several of Illustrator CS4's new interface enhancements. The title also covers integration with the newer apps, including Adobe Flash Catalyst (aka Thermo).

Overall, you'll pick up some good tips and tricks and ideas for how to better use AI for the web, but if you did go through the CS3 title, I can't say you'd be learning anything totally new either.

Does that help?

japchap said...

It helps quite a bit, Mordy—thanks. The CS3 for Web training material was quite useful for me. It helped me get a decent perspective on the realities of using AI for web comp design work. But you know, despite the issues, I still can't bring myself to using Fireworks, not yet. Too accustomed to all of the power that AI offers.

I checked out the book "Adobe CS3 Web Workflows: Building Websites with Adobe Creative Suite 3", but I can't say I was too satisfied with it... and the author barely touches upon AI anyway. So I think you've really touched upon a sorely-needed audience and topic, Mordy, when you talk about AI for web. Good to see your work.

P.S. I took the liberty of adding you as a contact on Twitter - hope you don't mind. :D I'm at http://www.twitter.com/japchap. Thanks again for the reply.