November 11, 2008

Trial versions of CS4 now available on

If you've been waiting to give Illustrator CS4 a whirl before you decide to buy, part of that wait is now over. Adobe has now posted trial versions of Illustrator CS4 as well as all other CS4 application. I say the wait is partially over because now the next step of waiting begins -- waiting for the download that is...

So head over to and see for yourself if multiple artboards, the Blob Brush, and new gradients in Illustrator CS4 live up to the hype.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Mordy,

I appreciate the updates you've been giving on Illustrator CS4. I downloaded the demo a few days ago and am trying it out.

I have a question about gradients. I've started to play around with the new gradient controls, which are very nice and easier to use than previous versions! A question that immediately comes to mind, and there may be an easy answer, is: how do I just enter the hexadecimal number into one of the colors on the gradient, so for instance I don't want to use one from my swatches but a new color; also, I don't want to have to enter the rgb/cmyk, etc, just the hex. When I click on the individual colors on the gradient bar a small window comes up with lots of nice options for changing the color, but no hex. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I wonder, why Adobe didn’t fix the bug where you find several overlapping anchor points after converting an outline into an object??

I know of several people reporting this bug when CS3 came out!

We were all hoping for a bug-fix at least in CS4.

Anonymous said...

Convert an outlined circle into an object. Now try to move the ancorpoints with the white cursor. Some have more than one ancorpoint overlapping each other.

Same for pathfinder operations.