October 16, 2008

CS4 is shipping - Lynda.com training now available

In case you haven't already heard (or seen), Adobe Creative Suite 4 is now shipping from Adobe.

I have two Lynda.com titles that are currently available now as well:

- Adobe Illustrator CS4 New Features
- Adobe Illustrator CS4 Essential Training

I'm currently working on two additional lynda.com titles which I hope to have ready by the New Year:

- Adobe Illustrator CS4 Beyond the Basics
- Adobe Illustrator CS4 for the Web

I have a few others on the horizon as well. I'll let you know when those are complete and available as well.

:) Mordy

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Anonymous said...

Shalom Mordy!

I posted this question to Deke over at Deke.com hoping to get some feedback from both you and Deke. It is concerning how anchor points are defined by Adobe, you and Deke. I call it "Illustrator Anchor Point Madness". Deke gave his response. In case you missed it over there, I am happily reposting it here (it does relate to your Lynda.com Essentials course).

Also, while I have a chance, let me thank you for those wonderful episodes on Illustrator you recorded for Bert Monroy's PixelPerfect. They are wonderful!


A Hallowed Halloween to you Obiwan!

Warning: non-Photoshop question ahead!

Hopefully, your current work on the new Illustrator book has your head into this stuff and you can shed some light on this dilemma without too much ado.

For quite a while, I have enjoyed and totally grokked your division of Illustrator's anchor points into (1.) corner (2.) smooth (3.) cusp

which has seemed similar (to me anyway) to Mordy's enlightened but slightly heretical division into: (1.) corner (2.) smooth (3.) combination
(Great Essentials Class on Lynda.com, Mordy!)

However, Adobe has once again confused me with their Classroom in a Book terminology and division of anchor points into (1.) smooth and (2.) corner where:

(1.) a smooth anchor point has two direction handles (move together as one)
- OK, that's cool... I see that... continuous curve and all that

(2.) a corner anchor point has two, one or no direction handles (which move independently) - Whoa! Now I'm really confused. If it's just me, sorry!

Any insight into this anchor point madness by you and/or Mordy would be deeply appreciated. I trust you and Mordy will once again set the standard on what is what here and nail down the proper terminology.

Thanks! (todah rabah!)

Thomas Benner
The Art Institute of Austin