September 25, 2008

New Movies Posted

Adobe has allowed to make more CS4 movies live. Yes!

While the two movies that cover Multiple Artboards and Clipping Masks are free to anyone, these additional movies do require a membership. If you don't already have one, remember that you can also sign up for a free 7 day trial by visiting this link.

Here is a list of the features that are covered in this new batch of movies:

- The improved Appearance panel (totally awesome)
- The all-new expressive Blob brush (draw draw draw!)
- Easy-to-edit transparent gradients (finally!)
- Intuitive smart guides (great for productivity)
- Isolation mode enhancements (probably the best enhancement in CS4)
- The color blindness preview (this is totally cool)
- ConnectNow (the new Share My Screen feature)


Jax said...

Excited I signed up for a 7 day trial and clicked the link straight away!.. only to learn that they will be "Available in October"... :(

I sure hope it will be in the first 3 days of October else my account in not valid anymore

And do I get to see them with the 7-day trial membership? Because with that it I am also only able to watch a few out of the current released trainings.

Jax said...

Sorry, nevermind my last post - something went wrong with me signing in with my trial account - I have access to your new movies now! Thanks really a lot! :D

Thorf said...

Hi Mordy,

I just signed up to about a week ago after watching most of the videos available at's Video Workshop. I'm particularly interested in Illustrator, which I started using regularly back in 2005, and have been learning ever since. Training videos are a new thing for me, and I have been bowled over at what effective learning tools they are. Your videos in particular really impressed me, because your constant monologue (wow can you speak fast!) helps maintain concentration while keeping things interesting.

Now that CS4 is on its way, I'm very happy to be able to learn from your expert commentary and demonstrations once again. I'm especially interested in seeing the "little things" in action, and hearing new ways to increase working efficiency in Illustrator and in the Creative Suite as a whole.

Thanks for all your efforts to produce, promote and teach Illustrator over the years. Now that I've found your blog I'll check back in often.