September 19, 2008

CS4 - How do you want it?

I hope you're planning on sleeping this weekend -- because next week you'll be up finding out everything you can about CS4, right? Then again, who needs sleep anyway?

OK, so I have a big question for all of my readers -- how do you want it? Over the years, I've tried to deliver the best kind of content to my loyal readers. I've done things in writing, I've done the video podcast thing. I've done live events, eSeminars, the whole deal. But when it comes to learning about a new product -- when it comes to really finding out about the things that matter -- how would you prefer to learn about the new versions of software that will be announced next week? What matters most to you? Pretty screenshots? Live action video podcasts? Movies of screens? Lots of written content about all the new stuff? How about everyone just comes over to my house and we'll all huddle around my desk and chat about what's most important to you? I'd like to make things as personal and interactive as possible :)

Also, which applications do you want to know about? I've already covered most of the things that are in Fireworks CS4. Obviously, I'll cover Illustrator CS4 in exacting detail. But do you also want to know about what's new in Flash CS4? Device Central CS4? What about any other CS4 apps? (I know where I stand in regards to InDesign or Photoshop -- for info on those apps, I will happily direct you to InDesign Secrets and respectively).

So sleep well...


daniel said...


How about having an extensive series of Video Podcasts on the CS4 apps. Especially on Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash and even some Photoshop your style.

Also looking forward to your Illustrator CS4 book.


Fistasz said...

I think that videos are one of the best way to teach - looking from the "student's" point of view. I've just started learning Ai and I feel much more comfortable when I can hear and see what does my "teacher" do. Anyway it's cool when I can just sit and watch after all day long in work and learn some real good stuff.

Gary Spedding, Ph.D. said...


Anything you present is always worth looking at. I know you have been busy and it is good to see you back. So please just put down in any format what you want to convey and we will read or view it.

Your previous long absence was noted!


Aongus said...

I agree with Gary: anything you put on this blog will be worth reading! But given the flood of marketing material about to be unleashed, a real world perspective on the new features/UI would be especially valuable. It's not always the most trumpeted feature that makes the biggest difference in the real life (e.g., the improved selection logic in CS3).

Videos are good for complex new features such as Live Color.

Looking forward to your analysis, whatever the medium.

Jean-Claude Tremblay said...

What about a brain transplantation? or at least a piece of it. ;-)

ifredsayred said...

Mordy, I'd love to see videos/screencasts of new features, and perhaps follow-up blog posts about the more in-depth issues. Videos/screencasts are great for picking up on techniques quickly, and I've learned tons from yours and others (Deke, Michael Murphy to name a few).

Thanks, and looking forward to CS4!