August 7, 2008

Illustrator on Adobe TV

In case you haven't checked out Adobe TV lately, there's lots of great stuff there. Including the Caffe Fibonacci podcast series, hosted by Adobe's own evangelists, Tim Cole and Rufus Deuchler.

Below, I've embedded an episode where Rufus focuses on some of the features of Illustrator CS3. Hey, anytime someone hypes up the Appearance panel, you know I'm all for it! While you're there, check out the other stuff on Adobe TV as well!


Jacob Brunny said...


If you use the mixed inks technique Rufus showed in Illustrator, does that print correctly. Is it just as good as creating mixed inks in Indesign?

JG said...

This was an incredible amount of information. I think our workflow will be improved a lot just from this one episode.

I'm also curious, Mordy, if you or anyone else knows the answer to Jacob's question regarding the mixed inks?

Mariah Byron Edgington said...

We purchased Mac's in April and Adobe CS 3 Design Premium Thursday. Today we invested in your book 'Sams Teach Yourself', which led us to your blog.
Some things in life you just know are worth their weight in gold.

Mordy Golding said...

For some crazy reason, I thought I had spoken about mixed ink YEARS ago. It was something that you could do way back since AI9 of course.

Yes, if you create two overlapping fills and set the top fill to overprint, it will print perfectly. I teach folks in the packaging field about this all the time.

Maybe I'll create a post that talks about this specifically.

Oh, and Mariah, thanks for the compliment! I'm blushing :)

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Gary Spedding, Ph.D. said...

Mordy, please forgive the generic nature of this message as I want to post it to several Forums and to seek advice from those who may be primary testers of CS4.

I have used (limited amount of use) the FilterIt plug-in and since it came out some features can now be done nicely in CS3 and certainly in conjunction with some other CS3 applications.

I have heard a lot about, and been looking at, Xtream Path (from the same Vendor) but before purchasing this I wanted to see of anyone knew or thought that some of its more useful features might be coming to a CS4 near you. If not CS4 then maybe later? I know those prime testers’ of Adobe’s soon to be released software versions cannot say outright what might be coming down the pike but they could hint at whether we could wait before purchasing certain plug-ins. Surely, out of the really worthwhile plug-ins out there (Xtream Path) key features must be being considered by Adobe?

Any thoughts, hints, suggestions or certainties on this please.