July 11, 2008

For something "different" - Deke's new site

Most of you are aware that I'm not the only one who has Illustrator video titles over at Lynda.com -- Deke McClelland and I share a wonderful friendship. Recently, Deke launched his new website, deke.com, where he features his new "every other week" podcast. It's certainly different. You also might enjoy his Photoshop music video where he attempts to share 101 Photoshop tips in 5 minutes.

Maybe I should attempt to do 101 Illustrator tips in 5 minutes? Hmmm. I guess it would go something like this:

"Use the Appearance panel. Period. It's the "gift" that keeps on giving and has over 100 tips within it alone. Then there would be cheezy elevator muzak for the remaining 4 minutes and 52 seconds.

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