June 5, 2008

Kuler, meet Flickr. Flickr, meet Kuler.

Check out the latest update to Adobe Kuler -- which now has direct support for Flickr. You can pull color themes right out of Flickr images, and you can even access your own Flickr images from Kuler.

In addition, you'll find it a lot easier to find color themes as searches can now be limited to time. Meaning you can search for themes from the past 30 days, or week, etc.

Designers have also been somewhat peeved at Kuler's automatic way of choosing avatars -- those little icons that appear next to your name. After all, as a designer, you'd like to choose the colors that define you, no? Well, now, you can take any saved color theme in Kuler and assign it as your custom avatar. Cool!


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i am glad to meet you!!! wahh. hehe.