March 19, 2008

kuler just got a whole lot cooler

Earlier this week, Adobe has updated their online color-based community called kuler.

The most impressive addition is kuler's ability to now automatically extract a color theme from a photograph -- you can upload any photo you'd like and choose a "mood" (colorful, bright, muted, etc.). There are some other little tweaks and welcome adjustments, such as a new Random search option.


Ben Leivian said...

Holy cow, this is great!

Gary Spedding, Ph.D. said...

When you first introduced us to MOGO - I thought coincindence here? MoGo = Mordy Golding? So I wondered if this was your creation but I think it is just a coincidence right? Regardless, a great site and I hope to see you add more to it soon. Blatneer, Cohen, LoCasio and Mordy posting there makes for some great viewing and learning.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Much better than the one I used to play with!

illustrationISM.... said...

But - how come ai can't have
multiple pages shown, in one file, like they
had in freehand?

mark jaquette @