February 12, 2007

White Overprint Detector

In continuing coverage of the white overprint saga, Doug Habben (who is the "worker" from Worker72a.com) has posted a new free plugin that alerts you to when white overprints exist in a file at open time.

Doug placed this comment in the previous post:

I have just posted a freebie - White Overprint Detector - at worker72a.com. It is an AI CS2 plug-in for Mac that automatically scans CMYK documents when opened and alerts the user if white overprint text or paths are found. It doesn't remove the overprints. Hopefully folks will be kind enough to purchase WOP2KO if they want to quickly and easily do that. But, just being warned of a potential problem is the most important thing, no?

You can find more info about this free Mac-only plugin here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

A version is now available that only shows an alert if a white overprint is found. No annoying “Everything is Okay” alert every time you open a document.
This one is a little less free, though.

White Overprint Detector II