January 1, 2006

Teri's Wisdom: Transparency Palette Nuances

People often wonder what all of those little checkboxes do that are found at the bottom of the Transparency palette. Teri Petit has posted a wonderful and quite detailed explanation of it here.


Anonymous said...


With apologies to Teri, I STILL don't understand what it does. Or how I might find myself using it.

I thought I understood it when I explained it in Real World Illustrator 9, but then I must have had a brain aneurism because I couldn't explain it even again.

I really appreciate you posting the explaination, however. Steve Werner and I are finishing up our Real World Adobe Creative Suite and we might just point to those pages as a way to explain the feature.

Why oh why would an Adobe engineer work on a feature that no one would ever be able to figure out, much less us???

Sandee Cohen said...

Hit the send button too quickly. The above was written by me, Sandee, Vectorbabe.

Mordy Golding said...

Adobe engineers (especially Illustrator ones) have always surprised me with the ability to think up every possible way a feature can be used. I always remember having a conversation with a user and then telling an engineer -- oh, it would be so cool to do this feature. The reply was always something like "well, what happens when this kind of feature is used with it" and what about when the moon is full on a 3rd Tuesday in a leap year? etc. Everything is thought through pretty thoroughly (bet you never thought you'd see "thought, through, and thoroughly used in the same sentence, eh?).

Some engineers are more -- I can almost say anal retentive -- about this. And so, an engineer may add check boxes or options because in one possible scenario, that option may be necessary.

Teri Pettit said...
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Newmango said...

While I thank Teri for her illuminating explanations of this arcane topic, and I vow to try to get my mind around it, I have always used trial and error with the various settings to get the effect I want. Experimentation will help you get to the "Oh - I get it" point.

When would you use this feature in real life? I've used it in illustrations of architectural illustrations where I want to show the exterior of the building while letting you see through the walls to some interior features.

Teri Pettit said...

Experimentation would get you a lot further (and the feature would be more usable) if only the bug that disables it in Normal blend mode were fixed.