August 8, 2013

A Typography Documentary

I remember spending hours (and precious allowance $$) looking through and buying Letraset rub-down sheets. My first [paying] job was as a typesetter. I used to have a sign on my wall that read "Whoever dies with the most fonts wins" I despised those $25 "font explosion" CDs when I was a young designer -- knowing they were filled with cheap knockoff low-quality fonts, yet I still secretly wished I had such a large collection of fonts to choose from. I remember having meetings with our creative director specifically to discuss what paper and fonts we were going to use for annual report projects.

If type and typography mean just as much to you as it does to me, then I know you'll find the following documentary about the late Doyald Young to be a gem. The entire documentary -- embedded below -- is free, courtesy of -- and please feel free to share the link (there's a button at the bottom right if you want to share it).

Doyald Young, Logotype Designer

View this entire Doyald Young, Logotype Designer course and more in the library.

If you'd like to learn about typography, here's a link to a curated playlist on

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