November 8, 2011

New Horizons:

Over the years, I've been passionate about teaching others as much as I can about Adobe products, mainly around the use of Illustrator and other design products and workflows. I've been extremely fortunate to work at great design studios and at Adobe as well. I'm also thankful for the tremendous support I've received from the overall community as an educator and trainer -- covering books, white papers, Fridays with Mordy, and most recently, video training over at Thanks to all of you -- my dedicated fan base -- for all of your amazing support.

By far, the video training I've been doing at has been the most exciting, as it allowed me to present material in a fashion similar to what I have offered in my live seminars and to my clients. This was especially evident to me in my development of the Illustrator Insider Training series at Truth be told, there's a lot of innovation at around education in general.

With that in mind, I'm thrilled to announce that I've accepted the position of Director of Content at, covering the Design, Web + Interactive, and Developer segments. In this new role, I believe that I can extend innovation in training across more than just one or two Adobe products.

You'll still be hearing plenty from me... of that you can be sure :)


fr32c said...

Excellent ! enjoy there Mordy !

Sigurdur Armannsson said...

Very, very nice. Congratulations!

Kristen said...

I love your classes there and subscribe my students to them. Congratulations!

nnes said...

congrats !!

Kevin Spear said...

How exciting! I have gotten a lot out of in general, and your lessons in particular. Looking forward to seeing what's next.

אלכסיי קלצל said...

מזל טוב!

Anonymous said... needs more project based content, seeing the workflow of an artist.
eg. Palehorse or Hydro74 doing an illustrator dvd.

Digital tutors have done some great stuff like this with project based content.
The creative inspirations Tokidoki, Character Illustrator was good addition to the

A few of the creative inspirations are a lil' bit too mtv Cribs, this where i live,i can afford these luxuries and a short bio..teaser.

Cinema 4d content needs help as its all a bit boring.
Get an industry guru in to do some project based stuff, that be great.

When will illustrator sort its brush out?
ie. Manga studio Ex brush is 1000x better with a real feel.
Why no Isometric, and symmetry/ mirror tool?

Longtime fan of yours;o)

Anonymous said...

Interactive childrens picture book epub , start to finish be good as many traditional illustrators are wanting to digitally publish and make their own stuff and can all seem daunting.

MACinTUTOR said...

That's great Mordy. I am happy for you and your family. It's about time you are recognized for the quality of teaching you do as well as your scope of the entire industry. Congratulations! As an educator, I will be closely watching what you do in your new position.

(no Hebrew keyboard here) mazel tov!!

Thomas Benner
Web, Graphic, Interactive Multimedia & Interior Design
The Art Institute of Austin

Anonymous said...

Dear Mordy, congrats!

New Year, new chalenges, wow! That´s an exiting way to start 2012.

I´l be there watching and learning.

Thanks againg. Be well, you an d your loveones...


Dee Holmes said...

Wow, what a great opportunity! Congrats!!!

Gary Spedding, Ph.D. said...

Mordy - still waiting to hear from you - no new Fridays! No new Lynda Courses.No new posts here! Where are you?


emgower said...

Congratulations! So glad you will still be doing classes too. You (and Deke) started me on my love affair with AI and PS, and it's been a lasting,fun journey.

Hugh said...

Congratulations, Mordy! A little bit late, but heartfelt. If you have a calling, this is it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear this...I have seen many of your training videos on and contunually go back to them for their very relevant information. You share information in depth, highlighting the tricks and tips throughout Illustrator in a way I have not seen with other trainers. I truly look forward to all your good work at