October 11, 2007

Oh SNAP! You did NOT just say that!

Scene: Illustrator is sitting at home sipping a glass of Cabernet when the phone rings.

Illustrator: Hello

Flash: Yo DUDE! what up?

Illustrator: Hi Flash, all is great, thanks.

Flash: Listen up A.I., Thermo is over at Dreamweaver's house and he just texted me that they just witnessed an InDesign and Photoshop smackdown. Where WERE you man?

Illustrator: Wait a second -- WHAT? A smackdown between InDesign and Photoshop -- and I wasn't invited? What kind of lame smackdown is that?

Flash: I know man, that's dope. Thermo couldn't say anything because he's not even a real product yet, and Dreamweaver just doesn't understand these "designer" things anyway.

Illustrator: Where was this "smackdown" anyway?

Flash: Over at the Peachpit joint. This dude Mike McHugh moderated the whole thing. What are you gonna do A.I.? You can do that stuff, can't you? Are you just gonna let them get away with it?

Illustrator: I know Mike. Great guy. From Australia. But I can't believe he didn't invite ME to participate in the smackdown -- heck, my name isn't mentioned even ONCE in the entire piece!

Flash: Dude, they think you're all washed up man. You get no respect. What are you gonna do?

Illustrator: I'll do what I always do -- stand up for all things vector. I'll show that smirky InDesign a few tricks of my own. Illustrator and the world of vectors will not rest until justice is served!

Flash: Represent!

Illustrator: It's ON InDesign.

STAY TUNED: The Illustrator vs. InDesign Smackdown is NEXT.

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